Why not make a weekend of…Lincoln

Use the Oxford United Fixture list as a touring itinerary of our amazing country and..

Official tourist board promotional video:

Things to do and see:

  • Take advantage of the season and cut some funky yellow shapes on the ice:


Note: advanced booking required

  • Visit one of England’s finest cathedrals:


  • Explore the six floors of Tattershall Hall; a rare red-brick medieval castle


Note: Listed as open, but check with NT nearer time due to weather conditions

  • Spook yourself silly with a Lincoln City ghost tour:


(I was going to say, “not for those of a nervous disposition” but I forgot that you’re an Oxford fan!)

Looking for something nice to eat:


I want pubs near the ground:


How do I get to the ground?:


I want to go on the train:


History and stuff:

Lincoln has a well documented, eventful and indeed engaging history. Many pages have been written explaining its origins from a Roman settlement to links with William the Conqueror and some violent Civil War sackings.

Nothing to do with Lincoln

However, I would prefer to cheapen all that by talking about Lincoln biscuits. The problem (from extensive research) is that the City itself has nothing to do with the biscuits that bear its name. Disappointing really, because I had some cock and bull story made up about some z-list celebrity who invented Lincoln biscuits while living in the town.

The town’s most famous residents are of course Lincoln Park who wrote songs such as “Numb” and “Points of authority” while playing on the swings and roundabouts of the town park that inspired the band’s name (some spell it incorrectly). Limp Bizkit have nothing to do with Lincoln, but apparently are fond of Lincoln biscuits, an association that led to the name of their band.

I won’t see U’s there, but if you’re going could you bring me back a biscuit?


Why not make a weekend of…Rotherham

Use the Oxford United Fixture list as a touring itinerary of our amazing country and..

There’s nowt grim about this:

Don’t forget Rotherham temporarily play at the Don Valley, which is more Sheffield than Rotherham.  So most of this guide is pointed towards the highlights of Sheffield….

Things to do and see:  

This very handy website tells you everything you need to know about what to do in Sheffield:


Assuming you want to spend some time in our hosts home town of Rotherham, here are some highlights:

Magna Science Adventure Centre – A hands on science discovery centre.  Great for the kids.

Thybergh Country Park – A nature reserve, with 170 species of wildflower and plants, 155 species of birds, and 20 species of mammals in the area.  So, great for walks, plants and animals.

Clifton Park Museum – “One of the most modern and user-friendly Museums in the country, the twice nominated Museum of the year features famous exhibits such as Nelson the Lion and the breath-taking Rhinoceros Vase, the first ever porcelain vase cast in one piece!”  Why would you NOT want to see that?

Walking – There are some great walks to be had in the Rotherham area.  Some handy trail leaflets can be found here: http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/info/200102/walking/898/trail_leaflets/1

Looking for somewhere to stay?:


Looking for something nice to eat:


I want pubs near the ground:


How do I get to the ground?:


 I want to go on the train:


 History and stuff:

There is evidence of life in the Rotherham area in Iron Age times, but it was in the Medieval era when settlements either side of the River Don established it as thriving residence. 

Rotherham's Finest

It was around about then that Rotherham’s most famous sons, the Chuckle Brothers, brought the town International recognition with their hilarious “to me, to you” routine, which, allegedly is a passing routine still practiced on the training ground of the Millers to this day.

The fact that the club are called the Millers might also point to an association with flour milling?  Oh I don’t know, just look at Wikipedia would you?  What do you think this is?  Some sort of travel guide?

I won’t SEE U’s THERE!