Good therapy during a losing streak (Gillingham edition)

In a blog post in the week I said that I was considering not updating this blog anymore. It would be easy now just to leave it and get on with something else.

I could say the same about how I spend my Saturdays, but of course that’s not going to happen. Why? Because I’m hopelessly addicted; an habitual follower of my team. It’s a habit I could never lose, as much a part of my life as breathing in and out.

There is something strange about me (hey! You don’t have to agree QUITE so readily) to steal Michael Jackson’s words from his infamous Thriller video, “I’m not like the other boys”. The thing that I think differentiates me from your average Oxford United fan is that outside of my club, I have no interest in football.  People hilariously say to me, “You’ve picked the right club if you don’t want to watch football played”. Of course, I laugh politely and leave them, lying there, but Oxford is ALL it’s about to me. I don’t have a second club, I don’t watch match of the day, I don’t watch the football league programme unless we win and I stopped caring about England many years ago.

People assume that because I’m an OUFC fan that I’m an expert in all football. Someone at work might be talking to me about an amazing incident involving Haditov at the weekends Man U game, and I’ll just be looking at them blankly. When it’s only your club that you care about, it hurts all the more when you lose week after week, and I’m finding that the writing is a good way of dealing with it. So for the moment I’m afraid you’re stuck with me.  

For the record, Oxford lost 1-0 yesterday to Gillingham and aside from the result, the disappointing thing was that the performance on the pitch, and in the stands, was the worst of the season.  Maybe when we are winning again I may review my stance on whether I want to keep the blog updated, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a victory to talk about?

Until then folks, keep happy, there’s still fun to be had at every game; whatever’s happening on the pitch.

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