Blog on Pause

Due to the increasing pressures of maintaining a healthy work/life balance, I am not finding time to update the blog.  So, until I find a bit more time, I’m afraid this blog is on pause.

I will continue to update the YouTube channel regularly:

The “TravelOxometer” is still available for download (where you can work out, amongst other things, how many miles you have travelled as an OUFC fan):

And if you are really bored, you can still learn how to draw an Ox:

Until workloads become more manageable, I’m signing out, but who knows, maybe it will be back one day…..

Oxford fans – By far the greatest fans, the world has ever seen.  COME ON YOU YELLOWS!!!


It’s time to confess….

It’s the most commonly used story line in ANY TV action-drama series.  Someone has been hired to infiltrate some group or another to find out their secrets.  However, during the course of their task they come to like or love someone that they are supposed to betray.  Cue harrowing final scene where hired person wrestles with their conscience on whether to fulfill their task or succumb to their heart.  This is usually executed with a gun in hand and a finger on trigger. 

It’s been done a couple of times in Charlie’s Angels, a few times in the A-Team and maybe half a dozen times in Star Trek.  High drama indeed.

 That’s all very well, but how in hells name has that got anything to do with a blog dedicated to the fans of Oxford United.  Well, this is where I must make my confession:  Back in March, a job came up that I was really interested in.  Part of the job is on measuring the effectiveness of digital activities (e.g. websites, social media, blogs etc.).  I had little experience in this area, so decided to embark on a personal learning project to find out how this could be done, by actually doing it.  So I set up an online presence, Twitter, Facebook and, as you have guessed, this blog.  The primary aim of this was to understand how it all worked and how it could be measured. 

So the heart of my confession is this:  I have been monitoring you.  There: I said it.  I bet you feel cheap and violated.  Not “YOU” personally, there are limits to what can be monitored, but “you” as an aggregated group.  I have a good idea of when the best time is to update my blog to get the most views, where you have come from to get here, and where you go afterwards (again as a group).  I know the Google search terms that have led people to my blog, and how to improve content to get it higher in a natural search.

Incidentally, I got the job, and I am now engaging in that sort of thing professionally and enjoying it, which is why I am making my confession now.  I always intended to end this experiment, but there’s just one problemI’ve come to like it.  I seem to be hopelessly addicted to the social media feedback loop. I really like it when somebody has accessed my blog, retweeted my tweet, or ‘liked’ my Facebook post.  It’s very satisfying to know that this blog gets about one and a half thousand views a month (more than some company web-sites get).  This medium has given me an opportunity to interact with others in a way that I am not able to in the real world, due my bumbling, awkward, introverted shyness that handicaps my daily life.

 So I find myself at a junction.  Do I leave this blog fallow and allow it to join the already bursting cemetery of dead OUFC related blogs?  Or, do I excitedly post another awful “Why not make a weekend of [insert-dire-English-town-here]” that might interest two people?  My finger is on the ‘delete blog’ trigger, as I feverishly wrestle with my options. Will I go with my heart, or will I stick to my original mercenary objective. 

Watch this space to find out the outcome…..

Blog Holiday

Thanks for visiting, but this blog is currently on holiday.

We all have to go sometime, and your resident blogger chose Accrington as the game to miss.  Normal service resumes with Morecambe, and coming soon…. “Why not make a weekend of….Hereford”

If YOU are going to the seaside why not draw a massive sand ox.  Find out how in the post “How to draw an Ox”.