The Yellow Army – My Four Commitments

Let’s be honest, the atmosphere at home games last season was not great. Since the end of last season a group of hardworking folk have been making efforts to address this. Oxvox, The 12th Man, the guys behind the “Ultimate Support Days” and the Ultras have come under one banner “The Yellow Army”.

Their aim is to help shape the conditions to enable a much more positive match day experience; a better atmosphere with noise and colour for our enjoyment and the teams inspiration. The Yellow Army of course though, is not just this group, but every one of us, so I have been asking myself what can I do.

My conclusions are below, but to help illustrate my points please watch this brilliant video, which I make no excuse for sharing yet again:


What I love about this, is how the relentless enthusiasm of an idiot, starts a whole movement. I’ve heard debates about who the leader is in this video, is it the initial idiot or the guy who first joins him. Either way it needed them BOTH to make it happen, and there are many others who will have loved being a part of it. With this in mind, these are the things I pledge to do as a member of the Yellow Army:

1) Join The Idiot

If I hear or see someone making an effort to improve the atmosphere, I’m going to join in. It might be funny to chant “solo, solo” at him or her, but no that’s not how the Yellow Army rolls. Imagine a scenario where you walk into a room and you see a guy with a carrot up his nose. Naturally, you point and laugh.  But what if everybody else in the room turns around, and they’ve all got veg in the nostrils. Suddenly THAT’S the norm, and YOU’RE the one with the problem.  (Incidentally, I’m not saying we should all ruck up with veg nasally lodged, I’m using it as a device to illustrate how we can break the ‘norm’ if we don’t mind putting ourselves out a bit)

2) Be The Idiot

How great would it be to be that first bloke in that video? I’m not going to settle for apathy this season. Sorry, I’m just not.

3) Do It Loudly

Players who talk about how the fans inspired them, mention the noise and how loud the fans were. There are two elements to the noise that a group of fans can make, first, the number of fans, and then, how loud each of those fans are. The bit I can easily control is how loud I am, so I am going to sing and shout for me and another, and another. No just mouthing or clapping along, it’s out and out bellowing for me. Sorry row T.

4) EVERY Game

There will be those games when folks just aren’t up for it, we’ve all been to one of those. In those circumstances I’m just going to wait for something to happen, right? WRONG! I can’t believe you even read it. What if, one of our players turned up waiting for something to happen? *cough* Tom Craddock *cough*. It’s just not acceptable, it’s not happening on my watch, and it never will

So that’s it, my personal charter and pledge to the Yellow Army:

  • Be a part
  • Don’t settle for apathy
  • Be loud
  • Every game


Looking forward to many more of these. COME ON YOU YELLOWS, there’s a sleeping giant to wake, best not be quiet.


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