13% of people are bad.  That’s one of the conclusions from the book Freakonomics.  That number: 13%, was found to be true and tested in a number of different scenarios, and so robust, that it is difficult to disprove.

Available at all good book shops (and probably some bad ones)

Now, that could mean that out of 100 people, 13 are pure evil, and the remaining 87 are living angels. Or, more likely, there is a sliding scale of “badness” in all of us:

Some of us are bad 13% of the time, conforming to the average, some of us 2% and some of us 60% (I know a few, think Paolo) – this is the law of averages.

Now, I don’t know what percentage of us are fickle, because that was not covered in the book, but what I can say about myself is that I have become like the ‘pure evil’ example above and confess right now, that I have become 100% fickle, especially in the case of Oxford United.  More precisely; in the hours that follow an Oxford United match I am 100% pro Wilder or anti Wilder depending on the outcome.  My ‘swing’ on this is wider than the ball-sac of a prize bull that’s been deprived for a whole mating season.

When Oxford lose, I will be thinking “We’re too big for this league, with our budget and fan-base we shouldn’t be playing the likes of Dagenham and Redbridge (no disrespect) week in week out, we should be 9 points clear at the top.  How the hell can Hartle-bloody-pool be in the league above us?  He’s had long enough…” Etc. you get the idea with that.

When Oxford win, I eye the league table and think “A couple more wins, and we’re in with a shout, why can’t people be more patient and loyal with Wilder, he’s done so much for us, and we had all the injuries and stuff…”.

I can’t help what I feel, it’s extreme, it goes either way, and I hope you respect my honesty.  What I don’t do (and here comes the holier-than-though section, so those of an extroverted opinionated nature may want to look away now) I do not share my thoughts with others when we lose.  I see this as destructive, and can’t really think that any good is going to come of that situation.  I fully understand why others do though, we all need an outlet.   Mine happens to be video games, so for every #Wilderout you see from others on twitter, I’ll have a floor full of decapitated zombies.

Picture used by kind permission of Tim Walker

I never used to be so fickle, but I think this is a result of our inconsistent form.  This season has seen many extremes. We beat sw*ndon easily (again, again) we troubled the league leaders, and our individual players look like guys that should  be getting promotion.  Our first three games gave me a taste for something that for a while I believed in.  Then came the record equaling run of defeats, and the still coldly simmering OUFC civil war.  These extremes have driven me to become a fully fledged fickler (new word for you there) and the next time you see someone say “OMG, Oxford fans are so fickle” I will count myself as one of the subjects.

Whether or not I stay this fickle remains to be seen.  It will take a consistent run of form in either direction to change, so until then I’ll keep putting Wilder on a pedestal or mentally seeking his resignation on an alternate weekly basis, and if you don’t hear from me after the Torquay match, it’s because I’m probably taking a zombie’s head clean off with a vileda mop handle.


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