Why I’m going to Vale

A round trip of 240 miles, the very real prospect of a long journey home in dreary driving conditions as a season for Oxford United fizzles out.  The enormous cost of a tank of fuel and the 20 notes needed to get in.  There are many reasons NOT to go to Port Vale.

However, to not go is, to me at least, unthinkable.  I live for football.  Moreover, I live for Oxford United.  I have heard others say that they do not want to go because we have no chance of making the play offs.  Their predicted outcome is I think very likely, but that’s not the point.  After Saturday there will be no more games, for quite some time, I will be wandering around on a Saturday a lifeless husk.  Sure, there’s a European Championship this summer, but it’s not the same.  My interest in the international game has withered as over-paid buffoons, with whom I have no connection, generally make fools of themselves and perpetuate the worse of our national stereotypes.

Come early August, I will be at fever pitch with excitement for the season to come, it seems so far off already I can barely think about it.  So Saturday you see is one last game, a chance to see my team play in a proper competitive situation.  A game that in its own right, I want us to win.  Whatever the outcome, we are Oxford United fans – the 12th Man, and we will sing our songs.  Our songs will be heard by those that will stay, and will be heard of by those that will join us.  Even if this battle in the Vale is won, it is surely likely that our fate is sealed for this campaign.  Regardless we go; “Oxford ’til we die”, stoic, passionate.  Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more.

(Apologies, this went a bit “Braveheart” at the end but the urge took me .  SPARTANS! (Historical mix up deliberate))