Blog on Pause

Due to the increasing pressures of maintaining a healthy work/life balance, I am not finding time to update the blog.  So, until I find a bit more time, I’m afraid this blog is on pause.

I will continue to update the YouTube channel regularly:

The “TravelOxometer” is still available for download (where you can work out, amongst other things, how many miles you have travelled as an OUFC fan):

And if you are really bored, you can still learn how to draw an Ox:

Until workloads become more manageable, I’m signing out, but who knows, maybe it will be back one day…..

Oxford fans – By far the greatest fans, the world has ever seen.  COME ON YOU YELLOWS!!!


My hurried blog post about Southend

I went to Southend on Tuesday night.  It’s very difficult to summarise what happened without it sounding like one of Chris Williams travel reports from the programme, only, not written quite so well.   

Due to my son’s “illness” (you know the kind; profuse coughing and moping around up until the moment you concede he doesn’t have to go to school, at which point a remarkable recovery takes place, allowing him to play Little Big Planet 2 all day, and have me in and out of the kitchen to service his insatiable need for food, while I do my best to ‘work from home’.  Back in my day, the only thing to do at home when you were off school was watch the Cedar Tree and possibly Crown Court.  In other words there was no incentive to be off school.  Nowadays there are so many distractions it’s a wonder that any kids ever attend school) I was able to go direct to the game from home, whereas I previously planned to go straight from work in Wycombe.  This meant that I had to wait for my Wife to arrive back as leaving said Son on his own would be bad form, and could possibly attract the attention of social services.

[There is a long story that goes here about the horrendous journey that I actually wrote, I read it back and it was dull, the general idea for you to get from this bracketed section therefore, is I had a horrendous journey]

And then Oxford went and lost, and then I had to drive all the way back.  Oxford fans were great as ever.  There: blog post done.  I’m not going to Gillingham.  Still optimistic though.  COYY!