Download the TravelOxometer

How well-travelled are you in Oxford United terms?

What! You don’t know?  Well now you can with the TravelOxometer!

   To celebrate this blog’s first (and probably only) Christmas I’m giving away, absolutely free, the super splendiferous TravelOxometer.  That’s all very well, I hear you say, but what the heck is it?  Well, this is the sort of gap in your life that the TravelOxometer is going to fill:

  • How many miles have I travelled following the U’s?
  • How many times around the World is that?
  • What “travel-celeb” does my amount of travelling make me most like?
  • What percentage of club’s have I visited?
  • Is there a part of the country that I favour?
  • ALL of this and (not) much much more, beautifully presented in stunning detail.  This timeless wonder will become an essential partner in your OUFC travel logging.  Download now, completely free of charge, your very own piece of Oxford United wonderment that will delight you and your friends for many years to come.

Screen shot of the TravelOxometer

System requirements:

Microsoft Excel 2007 (although it will probably work on earlier versions)

Best viewed on a high number of pixels (e.g. 1440 by 900 pixels).  However, if it doesn’t fit your screen change the zoom once opened by choosing “View”, “Zoom”.

only 1.5mb in size


What's YOUR Regional speciality?

A copy for lower versions of excel is here, but I’m not sure whether everything is going to be readable:
I recommend you Save to your computer and then Open.  I absolutely promise it’s virus free and 100% secure.

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