Despicable Me

My Wife was away in London this weekend on a ‘girl’s weekend’, meaning that if I wanted to watch Oxford play at Rotherham (technically Sheffield actually) I was going to have to take my lad.  There’s nothing wrong with this per-se, I have always wanted him to come to football.  What man DOESN’T dream of extending his OUFC lineage to the next generation and even beyond?

The issue was that earlier in the week my son had said “I don’t want to go”.  You see, the memories of Bradford were still too fresh in his mind.   So throughout the week I would ask again, thinking I may catch him at a weak moment, and he may suddenly see the joys of sitting in a cold Eastern-block-communist-country-resembling-stadium for the best part of a Saturday, OR a fun-filled two and a half journey in either direction.

Stalingrad Stada

Whenever I asked he said “no”, but with the promise of new signings and, if I’m honest, some misplaced optimism, I had to resort to different tactics to get the elusive “OK”.  I’m not a complete monster though, I would not take him unless he WANTED to go.  So I had to create an incentive.

The fact that the game was in Sheffield proved to be that incentive.  Looking on the map we could see that Cineworld was within a Millerette’s baton of the stadium and so, I promised a trip to the cinema after the game.  This, he readily agreed to, and so the trip to Sheffield was on.  While I can not say that he enjoyed the match  (in fact he said after the match “I never want to go to an away match again”) I can only hope he got something out of it from a life-broadening-experience perspective.  If you’re reading this in the future son (maybe when I’m six feet under – wooooooh spooky, I’m talking to you from beeeeeyoooooond the graaaaaave) you can find it in your heart to forgive me for Bradford and Rotherham.

The film we went to see, was “Despicable Me” which I appreciate is ironic considering the coercion required to guarantee attendance.  It was shown in glorious 3D, right there in-your-face, which was quite a departure from what had gone before in the Don Valley.  On this blog post, my reason for not commenting on the performance is not that I’m not qualified to do so, but because I really couldn’t see it very well.  Apparently we had some new players on the pitch, but it could have been the Chuckle Brothers for all I knew.

Me yesterday

For the record, we lost 2-1 and with it, I lost a travel partner, who is now convinced that he is the bringer of all Oxford United related bad fortune.  This makes me sad, but you reap what you sow.


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