Sweet FA at Burton

I’m starting to take this whole losing thing personally.  My lucky pants have broken and I keep putting the hoo-do on OUFC performances.

So today, for Oxford United’s trip to Burton in the first round of the FA Cup, I decided to try to even forget that it was happening.  This was helped by a visit from my brother and his wife.  Sure, I set an alarm to remind me about the draw for the second round to see who we might get if we just happened to win through.  Sure, throughout the course of their visit I would dart a quick glance at Twitter on my IPhone to see the latest update from @OUFCLive.  But apart from that, I was completely unattached.

So, as my brother and his wife left I took a glance at my Iphone once more, to see that the match was in its late stages and, according to Twitter, still goal-less.  “Go on,” I thought to myself, “flick on the radio, you wouldn’t want to miss a last-minute winner?”.  Idiot, absolute ruddy idiot.  The second I switch on the radio, Burton score. 

I can only say I’m sorry, and even though I know it’s me that’s responsible, I can’t stop myself from attending games, so this avoidance thing is not going to last.

I have seen Oxford in far worse predicaments than we’re in now, and I’m not about to stop supporting because of a few losses.  My next match is Gillingham at home on Nov 20th.  Before then, does anybody know a shaman who can wash away my bad karma?


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