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Thanks for visiting, but this blog is currently on holiday.

We all have to go sometime, and your resident blogger chose Accrington as the game to miss.  Normal service resumes with Morecambe, and coming soon…. “Why not make a weekend of….Hereford”

If YOU are going to the seaside why not draw a massive sand ox.  Find out how in the post “How to draw an Ox”.


Of West Ham and the 12th Man

It’s 10:45 and we’re still on the Tube when my I-Phone finally connects to the Twitter servers. It says I have ninety new tweets. With a swipe of my thumb I see them all scrolling past. Two words are trending: “gutted” and “proud”.  My hands are still sore from the very firm hand shake of the last West Ham fan (of many) who felt compelled to tell me how great our support was and how unlucky we were.

 Chatter on the tube is lethargic in nature, most U’s fans were exhausted. With the exception of half time, I’d been on my feet for five hours. When at last a tube seat presented itself I looked back at the video footage from the game. We were, again, magnificent. The 12th Man thing is well publicised in terms of how the fan base have raised money for the club and players, but the greater focus of what being the “12th Man” ACTUALLY means on the terraces, is sometimes forgotten. Last night we raised the bar again. If only we could replicate this sort of passion in our own ground….

Excellent Support from the Oxford Fans at Wycombe

I was told it was customary for visiting supporters to visit the White Horse before the game at Wycombe, so here’s some pictures from there:

Now to the game and a quote from Oxford defender Harry Worley on our support: “The fans were 10/10 again, unreal, thanks for your support”.  It’s true that we, the fans, gave our best performance of the season to date.  We raised the volume and sang from start to finish.  The usual scores on the doors are below:


This is the welcome the fans gave the players when they came out, perhaps you might even see yourself:

Here’s a bit of in match support.  Greetings from the folk of Oxfordshire:

And here’s one of the many missed chances.  On balance I think Oxford probably deserved the win, hitting the woodwork twice and being denied many times by Wycombe’s keeper who had the game of his life.  Our performances on the pitch continue to improve and our first league win can not be far away:

That’s all for now.  See you all in East London on Tuesday!  Cor blimey guvnor, let’s all have a knees up.

How To Draw an Ox

I believe we have one of the best football badges in the country. It meets all the criteria of being distinctive, inspiring and most importantly; easy to draw.

The central Ox figure was in fact designed for this very purpose. In 1979 Desmond Morris created the Ox basing it on a Greek Mycenaean bull design, paying close attention to how it could be easily recreated. This has led to generation after generation drawing it on their lunch boxes, pencil cases or any empty space.

 A couple of years ago I did a piece in the match day programme on how to draw an Ox, but now with the enablement of technology let’s take it to the next level and with the help of Chris Wilder himself, I present a video tutorial on “How to Draw an Oxford United Ox”:

Our home return to the football league – vs Bury

I wrote after the Burton game that it didn’t feel like we were back in the football league.  Well now it does.

[Content advisory: May contain personal opinion on performance of the team]

We played well yesterday and in the words of @yellowtim if we play like that every week, we’ll win more than we lose.  In the conference I reckon you’d probably win them all, but the margins are now that much finer.  A single missed opportunity, or a drive to push on and get a winner, could be the difference to winning and losing.  Here’s the scenes as the players took to the field, taken from the fence end of the South Stand for a change:

This brings me on nicely, to to my regular “rate the fans” section, which may be seen as controversial.  You are always welcome to comment on my scores if you disagree, by using the comments link below this post.  Overall, I do not think we gave the team the home return to the football league that they should have.  There was nothing wrong with the attendance, but it’s the volume of noise that always seems to let us down at home.

That’s all for now, check back in mid-week for some new blog action and in a weeks time for thoughts and pictures from Wycombe.  There will not  be a “Why not make a weekend of….” blog post for Wycombe for obvious reasons.  COYY.

It’s West Ham in the Carling

Oxford United draw the happy hammers in the league cup. Week commencing 23rd

Gas leak causes U’s explosion in the Oxford area

What a night to open our home campaign!  6 – 1 against Bristol Rovers, a team from a higher league.  Moments like this don’t come along very often so enjoy.  My rating of our performance (the fans) as ever is below.  Along with a couple of new videos:

We had some goals to celebrate – here’s how we reacted to number 5:

Next up, league action with Bury….