Oxford City vs Oxford United

When fully clothed, you should never really feel the waft of a summer evening’s breeze ‘down below’.  So I was bemused, as I entered Court Place Farm, home to Oxford’s other team, that I could feel this curious sensation.  Only upon seeing open-mouthed onlookers and concerned parents shielding their offspring’s eyes did I realise that I had a gaping hole where my zip should be.

I had experienced what is technically referred nowadays to as a jeans zip fail.  Perhaps it’s not suprising as these jeans did only cost £6 from Asda, but all the same as far as functionality goes a pair of jeans really only has two attributes: a button and a zip.  Surely it’s not too much to ask that each of these work properly?  I guess you get what you pay for.

And in this instance what I ‘got’ was a match of angst.  It seems that gravity alone is all it took for the fly to drop, as leaning against a bar to watch football is hardly the most physically vigorous act?  Every so often I would yank the zipper back up, but was concerned that people may interpret my actions as unusual activity, and that maybe I had a ‘thing’ for footballers.

I therefore settled on a strategy of hoiking the zip up when play was down the other end.  You know, it’s amazing how many people do not follow the course of play, choosing instead, to focus their attention upon my gaping groin area.  Maybe it’s just mild paranoia.  SOME were focussing on the game.  A U’s fan to my left kept on shouting “Come on Oxford!”, which considering the two teams that were playing, was not nearly as specific as it should have been.  This became apparent when in response to the man’s calls I saw Dave Savage, half nod his head and puff up his chest as if to say “Yes, I will ‘come on'”.  The fan’s attempt at encouragement had quite the opposite effect to the intention. 

Lessons learned from today’s blog post:

  • Don’t buy Asda Jeans
  • Be specific in your support when two teams have the same forename

Oh, sorry, the match?  I think Oxford won it 1-0.

Coming soon……….Why not make a weekend of Burton?


Manchester United XI Preseason Friendly

Oxford lost 2-1 to a youthful Manchester United team.  The score flatters the young visitors who witnessed some great football from the U’s, particularly in the second half.  A good performance from the whole team, but I was particularly impressed with the new signings.  There I go commenting on the performance again – must stop….leave to experts…..you only end up sounding stupid……

There was a good following from Manchester, making the long trip from the North West on a Tuesday night (joke courtesey of TC).  An attendance of 6,000 is good for preseason and a LOT of money was being spent in the club shop (£40 for a kid’s goalies shirt – 40 flipping quid!).  You can see Ryan sporting this shirt (all bleedin’ £40’s worth of it) while saving a penalty below.   Look out for the kid at the front and his celebration.

Roll on [Oxford City then] Burton!!  See you in the queue for tickets…… 

Leicester Preseason friendly

A crowd of almost three thousand saw Oxford match Championship side Leicester City in performance and, ultimately the score line.  The crowd was boosted by a good following from Leicester and bizarrely, coach loads of American teenagers.

The latter were allocated tickets to the extreme right side of the Oxford Mail stand.  Pre-match they could be spotted blinking and bewildered under the stand trying to work out why they could not buy popcorn, nor nachos and cheese for the game.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and I think made to feel welcome by the regulars.
The concourse under the Oxford Mail, appears to have had a bit of a spruce up with fresh signage for the seat numbers, and  an indication that you will now be able to get drinks from a separate window to where the food is served.
Despite the low crowd there was a good atmosphere, with singing from both sides, mostly to point out how ‘useless’ the other team was.  The crowd size is nothing to be concerned about; 1 in 3 of us are currently on holiday, and with two games in close succession, and times hard, people are obviously picking and choosing.  The attendance for Tuesday night will be interesting to note.
On the pitch United showed some great passages of play, neat flowing passes at times that shows we may be delivered some of the exciting football Wilder promised.  Batt in particular was being allowed some freedom in the second half that the team capitalised on well.  I said I would never comment on performances in these blogs so best I end it there before I’m out of my depth.
To summarise, an entertaining afternoon that has left this blogger, quite literally, cock-a-hoop with excitement about the fast approaching season……

Which Forum for you?

So.  The most popular forum for Oxford United Fans has had a facelift!  Finally TIU decided to cash in on the commercial opportunity presented by 1m+ posts.  But are you going to stick with it or jump ship to some of the new rivals:

Vote here, to say where your posts will now reside.

Feel free to comment below also (this is not an attempt at stealing some forum action)

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YouTube Season Ticket Ad’ Competition


We’re at the stage now where everyone who’s a dead cert’ for a season ticket will have one. So about now’s the time to start convincing the undecided.

Inspired by some of the amazing creativity I see on YouTube from U’s fans, how about a little competition…… Starting from today the person who posts on to YouTube the video that gets the most views, advertising an Oxford United Season Ticket, is the winner (bragging rights only). Some rules:

1) The video’s only count if they’ve been put on from today (15/07/2010) not before

2) The video should somehow provide a link to the OUFC website season ticket page: http://www.oufc.co.uk/page/SeasonTickets/0,,10342,00.html

3) The final “Most views” count is taken at Friday 6th August at 7pm

4) You can use any means possible to advertise your video and get the most views

5) No cheating through any means that I haven’t thought of If you want your ad to be included in the competition paste a link to it here:


 Anybody up for the challenge?

The start of all things…in Didcot

Content Advisory: This post contains scenes of poor photography, that those more competent in this field, may find disturbing.

So Pre-Season has officially kicked off; the start of all things. We have been served our amuse bouche in the form of Didcot Town. And what a tantalising morsel it was!

I can personally lay claim to starting support of Oxford this season, by being the first paying fan to walk through the turnstiles of Loop Meadow. Events unfolded in typical pre-season style. My first observation was the Management team stood in the centre circle. Wilder must have been there for the best part of an hour. My theory on this is that it was a safe haven from the likes of me. Then as I made my way to the burger shed (incidentally awful, awful burger) I noticed half of the squad already sat in the stand. It always strikes me as peculiar when I see Players wearing normal clothes. In my imagination they’re always in their kit. Ok…you’re right, this is maybe a bit creepy.

Then upon consumption of my burger at a picnic bench inside the ground (yeah picnic bench, INSIDE the ground) an invasion begun. It was an invasion of Canadian school girls, squealy and out of place. Lordy only knows what they were doing there but – hey, it’s pre-season, go with it. That is ‘go with it’ until they start squeezing you out of your picnic table and turn it into a makeshift grandstand. Ousted, I made my way to a position between the two dug-outs hoping to pick up a bit of banter between the bench and the players. This is where I met a lad who trains my boy at football most Saturday mornings. He was on trial with Didcot and came on in the second half.

The ground starts to fill up and a hard-core of Oxford Fans find a shelter, led by the Forest of Dean Yellows. Eventually every bit of the bar around the ground has someone leaning on it, mostly Oxford, some wearing new kit, some sticking with the old.

From the start of the match things turn typically pre-season: a group of lads playing in an unfamiliar kit, some of them I know, some of them I don’t. Clearly they’re getting the feel of each other, you hear interesting exchanges between the players that ordinarily would be lost to a bigger crowd. The match happens (sorry were you expecting a match write up? I read the game so badly that this would be a futile act and there are others e.g. Chris Williams that do this so very well).

At half time the team don’t return to the changing room, the players that played the first half are warmed down, and the other half are warmed up. I was greatly impressed with the professionalism of our coaching team, preparing as diligently as they would for any match. They came out in the second half a different team literally. What I like about this new trend, to the old, of making many frequent substitutions, is that the game is allowed to flow, and the team gel into a shape.

During the second half some kid’s get chastised on the tannoy for dossing about with balls behind the goal. I took some more photos and got stressed from having to send goal updates on Twitter. This was the wrong match to be doing that sort of thing. I mean, 8 goals! The match finished: the end of the VERY start, and I was left in great anticipation wishing that I was going to Scotland. The starter is about to be served….

Photos from Didcot

Pictures form Didcot